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Company History

May,1998      Huangshan Deping Chemical Co.,Ltd was established in may 1998,the registered capital is 3,020,000 CNY

1998       In 1998, the national ministry of agriculture awarded us as national township

2002    In 2002, Enterprises, with excellent sceience and technology process.

2002   in 2002 , the company has passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system cetification.

2003   in 2003,we were one of private enterprise in Huangshan ,which paid over 1 Million CNY tax to government

2003 In 2003,We were awarded as advanced company of foreign export by Huangshan Goverment.

2006  In 2006,Huangshan Welled Industry Co.,ltd was founded

2006  in 2006, our registered capital was added to 5,020,000CNY

2007 IN 2007, we got production safety winners.

2008,  In 2008 ,Our registered capital was added to be 8,020,000CNY

2009  In 2009,Huangshan Deping's benzene dianhydried wast titled as well-known brand name in Huangshan

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Contact Us

Contact: Sand Zhou

Phone: 86-13335692211

Tel: 86-559-6510095

Add: 15# WeiYi Road,Circle Economy Park, Shexian, Huangshan, Anhui,China