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Raw Material of Powder Coating


  • Product description: 2-Methylimidazole


Product Name:
White or light yellow granule or column used in curing agent.
Constitutional Formula:
Molecular Formula and Molecular Weight:C4H6N2=82.11
Properties: Soluble in water and alcohol. Hardly soluble in cold benzene.
Appearance White needle crystal
Content%≥ 99.5
Melting Point℃ 142-146
Drying loss%≥ 0.2
This product is an intermediates of medicine miediling and feeding stuff accelerant dimethyl imidazole and solidifying agent of epoxy resin and other resin. It can be used independently as epoxy resin moderate temperature solidifying agent. It is often used as solidifying accelerant of power forming and powder forming and powder painting dressing.
Packing :
25KG/woven bag.
Come up to Q/320902YYH001-1997 standard

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