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  • Product description: SPEICAL TEXTURE ADDITIVE


Product Name:

A special textured additive for powder coating

Welled special textured additive is an organic-metallic compound, which can be applicable to any powder coatings to impart special texture finishes such as wrinkle ,reticulated ,vein ,embossed and grained appearance (frosted glass)

Appearance             Pale-yellowing fine powder
Melting ranges(℃)        185-200
Volatiles(%)              ≤0.5%

Provide various texture styles and patterns. For epoxy /polyester hybrid system, the wrinkle and grained textured finishes can be obtained by one shot process. if other texture finished such as reticulated or turtle shell-like appearance are demanded ,we incorporating it into the final coating powder by post-addition way(dry blending)
Coating texture styles are depending on both use levels of welled special textured additive and filler loads, furthermore, the chemical properties of resin binder and the baking conditions are also important affecting factor ,these should be generally determined by your thorough experiments, for both epoxy and hybrid coatings the wrinkle finish can be obtained at recommended use levels of 3.5-5% and Ca.30% of pigment plus filler loads by total weight of formulation, but the style is slightly different, such as epoxy more uniformity. In other hand, if dry blending at less added levels and low shear mixing is adopted the resulting texture affects will be coarse grained ,sparse density or disappeared pattern for the powder coating system, conversely, with fine and small ,more dense or tight and clear appearance
For polyester/TGIC system , the grained finish is always obtained because higher viscosity of resin retards flowing of the coating
Reticulated or turtle shell-like and other various appearances can be obtained by dry blending, Use level of WELLED special textured additive is 1-2%by total weight of formulation for above both systems ,to gain stable patterns, it is very important to dry blending uniformity
The final patterns are greatly affected by baking conditions ,The proper conditions adopted should be observed by your experiments such as fast or slow rate baking at different temperatures

Suggested formulation:

1.wrinkle and grained texture

Formulation(partsby weight I II III IV VI VII VIII
Epoxy E-12 625 600 230 230 240 360 /
Polyester SJ3'B(50:50) / / / / 60 80 /
Polyester SJ4'C / / / / / / 930
Dicyandiamide 27.5 22 9 9 12 12.1 /
TGIC / / / / / / 70
Welled special textured additive 40
16 10 15
Resiflow PV88 1.5 3 1 0.5 3.5 1.6 10
Sparwite W44WD 50 / 30 / 40 70 100
TiO2 / 120 / 30 / 80 150
Kaolin / / 50 50 50 / 50
CaCO3 200 / / / / / /
WELLED slip and degassing agent 3.5 2.8 1 1 1 1 10
Total 947.5 780.8 337 330.5 421.5 619.7 1350
Extruded condition Twin screw extruder model SLJ-30,ZoneI,95℃,zoneII,100℃,speed ,250rpm
Baking condition 180℃/15min
appearance Wrinkle-------varying texture------grained
Impact(50kg.cm) passed Passed passed passed passed passed passed

(1) A flow modifier from world .(Germany)
(2) welled slip and degassing agent, our company
(3) formulation II and VI formulated by dry mixing welled special textured additive

2.reticulated or turtle shell-like texture
The use of welled special textured additive as texture additive for making coatings with reticulated or turtle shell-like and other texture finished from formulation II and VI in table 1, the dry blending way is recommended .In the case ,the use level of welled special textured additive is 1-2% by total weight of formulation. Adjusting filler or choosing resin binder correctly can provide varying texture finished. Generally ,the 10-20% of filler load is proper

Store in temperature between 2 and 30℃ or cool dry place, avoid contacting with strong acids, bases and other organic chemicals together .keep package closed after using. keep away from fire
Based on our experience he shelf life of this product is at least 3yesrs

Packing with PE lined kraft paper bags, Net weight 25kg per bag

Please refer to MSDS
Dangerous! Be careful in handling welled special textured additive! Good protective and condition are necessary. avoid inhaling its powder or dust directly because this is harmful to yours health
If inhaling a lot of the powders or dusts or breathing air containing them in a long time ,this can cause you health damage such as respiratory or a like atch cold case and even cause nose-bleeding .If above powder or dust contaminated eyes accidentally, immediately you must flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes then get immediate medical attention and see doctor
When you are out of the contaminated area in a week , above health problems will disappear.

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