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WD-26 texture additive

  • Product description: WD-26 texture additive

WD-26 texture additive

Product Name:
WD-26 texture additive

A texture additive with grained finish for powder coatings.
Welled WD-26 texture additive is an amide modified vinylidene fluoride polymer which can be used as a special textured additive in powder coatings applicable in housing electric equipment such as VCD and audio/video, office appliance, playground equipment and other many industrial applications, especially computer.

Appearance             Off-white very fine powder
Melting ranges(℃)       Ca 320
Bulk density(g/l)          250-350

Be applicable to any powder coating systems such as pure epoxy, hybrid, polyester/TGIC or PRIMID and PU etc to provide a special fine-grained texture finish.
Very attractive and consistent texture finish can be obtained compared with other existing texture additives.
Flow modifier and benzoin in powder formulation can be omitted or decreased greatly.
Very attractive texture finish can be obtained even if its use levels are as low as 0.7‰.

Suggested formulations:
0.7-1.5‰ by total weight of formulation.

Welled WD-26 texture additive can be added at the premix stage of manufacturing powder coating and extruded with the other components in a suitable extruder, then, grinding and sieve-passing.

Store in temperature between 2 and 35℃ or cool dry place to avoid caking. Keep package closed after using. Keep away from fire.
Based on our experience the shelf life of this product is at least 3 years.

Packing with PE lined paper plate-drum.Net weight 10kg per drum.

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