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WD-9615 Wax Micropowder

  • Product description: WD-9615 Wax Micropowder

WD-9615 Wax Micropowder

Product Name:
WD-9615 Wax Micro powder

Welled WD-9615 Wax Micro powder is high-density polyamide polyethylene wax, the same as Ceridust 961 5A of Clariant Company, Germany.

Typical properties:
Appearance            White Micro powder
Particle size  µ m     Dv50    6-8
Density g/cm3           0.96
Melting point℃         120-132

General properties:
Micronized, modifier high-density PE wax for lubrication, gloss control, degassing, and anti caking.
Improve flow to obtain a smooth surface and increases scratch resistance
This micronized wax gives coatings improve scratch resistance and excellent slip.

Main applications:
Improvement of scratch resistance of paints and coatings matting agent, sanding aid, additive for powder coatings. Anti blocking agent for printing inks.

For best shelf life store this product in a dry area at normal ambient temperatures. Minimum shelf life is 2 years from the date of shipping when properly stored.

Ecological and toxicological properties:
Acute oral toxicity LD50: >2000mg/kg(rat)
Insoluble in water
No harmful effects to fish and bacteria

Amount Recommended: 0.5-2.0%

Directions for producing chemicals or metallurgical products have to use and experiment in the laboratory

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