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WD310 Heavy-Duty Anticorrosive Curing Agent

  • Product description: WD310 Heavy-Duty Anticorrosive Curing Agent

WD310 Heavy-Duty Anticorrosive Curing Agent

Product Name:
WD310 Heavy-Duty Anticorrosive Curing Agent

Welled WD310 heavy-duty Anticorrosive Curing Agent is a kind of modified hydroxyl resin with thermosetting line type phenol (also known as a kind of macromolecular polymer capped with hydroxyl group and catalyst).Welled HB310 can substitute D.E.H 85 of DOW ,America; Aradur 3082 of CTAB, Switzerland; KD 404/405、KD406 of KUKDO, Korea
It can combine with general biphenyl A type or phenol epoxy resin, to manufacture highly active heavy-duty anticorrosive powder coatings. The film of this powder coatings product has extremely strong resistance to chemical corrosion and mechanical property.
The reaction of Welled WD310 and epoxy resin belongs to addition reaction, it has no escape of volatile substances during the film forming period, and no pinhole and stomata. So especially suitable for the work pieces needed thick-coated, such as petrol, natural gas pipes, pollution water pipes, steel rod used in building engineering, valves, elbows, fire equipments, and other irregular parts, etc.
Welled WD310 has the wonderful solubility with epoxy with resin, extremely high reaction activity, it can fast harden, and its films has wonderful chemical resistance, solvent resistance, cathode removal resistance, and strong adhesive strength, flexibility, impact resistance, etc.
Technical data:
Appearance: light yellow or colorless resin particle
Soften points:85--100℃
Hydroxyl value:3.0—4.5 mol/100g
Generally, to cure 100portions Epoxy Resin 604 needs 20—28 portions WELLED WD310
Attention item:
The Composition proportion of Epoxy Resin and Curing Agent should be adjusted to the changes of epoxy resin.
Small-scale test should be repeated before production online.
Net 25 kg, inside lining-polyethylene and double Kraft paper bag packing.
Transportation and Storage:
The hardener can be stored and transported as the no dangerous goods, it was better stored in the original packing inside at 2-40℃,placed in the cool and well ventilated place, isolated the fire sources, kept off the hot resource, avoided the direct irradiation of sunlight. Commonly, the product storage period is one year. After the period, it still can be used if the examination is qualified.

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